Monday, May 21, 2012

When its Working...and When Its Not

Its been pretty quiet around here, both online and in the living room.  My excuse for not posting for the last couple weeks is a broken camera.  I decided to do some research to buy a new one today, picked up the old one and was very surprised to find that it worked again.  I guess it just needed to rest for a couple of weeks.  I admit that I don't understand how the camera really works (I understood my old 35 mm), and I don't know why it was only taking pictures in shades of orange, so I'll just be pleasantly surprised that it works and not ask any questions.

I guess I should take the same attitude about family band, because for a couple of weeks it wasn't working either, not at all.  We couldn't play a single song together without someone getting mad and stomping off.  I started to cringe when I even thought about trying to play music together.  Then, the other night, we started playing music on the porch and it was a blast.  It worked!  No one argued.  Everyone sounded all right.  No one tried to hard to be "boss".  It was fun again.  And the next night, still fun.  Tonight, better than fun.  We took turns flipping through a song book and attempted to play whatever we fell open to.  We learned some new songs.  We played some songs we had forgotten about.  It worked.  No questions asked?
As I uploaded the pictures for this post, I realized the camera isn't quite fixed.  Its better, but there are still some grainy orangy shots.  It might not work tomorrow.  I know that family band is like that too.  Today its working, but like the camera, it's a complicated machine made out of a bunch of parts and if one of the parts is out of sorts the result is likely to be kind of off.

Well, here are some pictures of what it looks like when both the camera and the music are working.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - music yesterday

Clanker Band
Barn Boys Band, trying so hard to get that one drum beat at the right time in the riff.