Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why everyone needs a family band.

Why does everyone need a family band?  Well, I suppose they don't, but if you're reading this, maybe you do.  Here are our family's reasons:
  •  Shana - 
    • You get to hear your kids singing (at breakfast, playing, biking)
    • You and your kids learn to value music, practice, and hard work
    • You spend less time on TV and video games
    • Your kids really want to do something meaningful with you, particularly something that you're not good at yet and you can learn together.
    • You get to share music as a family.  As we all go through stages of closeness and separation, we can share the songs we play together.
    • You can play music with your friends and their families
    • It's great fun around a campfire.  So much fun that you'll have a campfire in your backyard just so that you can play music around it.
    • So that you can play back up and watch you kids play lead.
  •   Eric - Because it's fun
  •   Gus  - Because it's fun
  •   Huck - Because it's fun
Aren't you glad I asked them? 

No seriously, to quote Dan Zanes, "What is life without family bands or neighborhood bands or just people by themselves playing tunes?"

Speaking of Dan Zanes, he has an awesome set of videos on his web page.  There are videos showing you how to get started on guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, spoons, and many more.   Once you get some chords under your belt, you can print out any of his songs with chords.  They make great sing alongs for young and old.

Another great source of information if you're just starting out, or if you're looking for new tunes and ideas, is the ToneWay Project.  They have videos that will get you playing the song "Shady Grove" with just a G chord, and then just a D chord.  You can be playing and singing in 15 minutes flat.  Once you've watched their tutorials, you can browse through hundreds of songs and listen to sound clips.  

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