Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Three Kitties

 The Three Kitties

We had a houseful of meowing music today!  Gus gave his friend Nettie her second fiddle lesson, and she returned the favor by giving Gus his first piano lesson.  The lessons were totally cat-to-cat.  No grown-ups allowed.  At the end of each lesson, the "kitties" invited us to hear their concert.  Here's what they came up with.

Have I mentioned that we totally underestimate kids?  We TOTALLY underestimate kids.  Its easy to assume that they need adults to tell them how to play music, to assure them that they're doing it right, to tell them when they're doing it wrong.  And sure, sometimes they do, but sometimes they don't.  The awesome thing about trusting their instincts is that they don't forget how to trust their own instincts.  The awesome thing about letting them play music their own way is that we learn something new.  Kids are musicians too.  Awesome, huh?


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