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Three Kitties Concert Review, December 28, 2012

Concert Review

As the full moon glistened on the snow at the foot of Lingle Gap, the Three Kitties rocked the Gykis Glam Party.   The Three Kitties, a band of three friends with stage names Kitty Queen, Whimper and Goldenpelt, entertained party goers with holiday classics ranging from Kitty Queen's lovely Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies to Goldenpelt's raw electric Run Run Rudolph.
 Photo: 3 kitties playing at the Gykis party. 2012-12-28_20-27-35_530 
It was a high energy show, Kitty Queen played keyboards and sang beautifully, Whimper kept the beat on his new Christmas-red drum set, and Goldenpelt played electric guitar, belting out songs Mountain Minstrel style.

The Three Kitties played without a set list, calling out songs on the fly.   

An enraptured fan danced on the bass drum during Swimming Hole, a Three Kitties original that evoked summer fun at the swimming hole on a cold winter night.

The show was followed with a blues jam!  What a party!

Set List:

Run Run Rudolph
Jingle Bells
White Christmas
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
Stray Cat Strut
Swimming Hole
Haunted Hollow

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